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Om os

Om os

“At Contexe we believe that optimizing business systems and the surrounding processes creates great value for all companies”

Businesses evolves at high speed and the requirement to agility of business has never been higher.

Our main focus is on the intelligence of businesses. Business Intelligence traditionally focus on data output while our focus just as well is on the business systems and processes behind the data input.

In order to secure sustainable business we focus on Continious Execution of businesses. In our perspective this requires:

  • Great business processes
  • Great business systems (ERP)
  • Great management control systems

Our main goal is to change focus from having people as the main/ brain database to having the business flow and systems to be the dna of business.

Contexe Consulting acts as your independent advisor before, during and after your ERP implementation or as an advisor in how you optimize your current systems.

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