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ERP advisory

ERP advisory

Let us help - Contexe

We would like to advise you before, during and after an ERP implementation.

An ERP implementation is a big decision and a large investment especially if not planned right.

Let us take part of your decision and implementation as a independent party. Our involvement is up to you, however we would advise to:

  1. Make process analyses of your main flows and tell you where the challenges will be with standard ERP system
  2. Make a plan for the organisation around the ERP implementation but also future organisational changes (Chage management)
  3. Let us support your internal project management and solution architects during the implementation.

At Contexe we focus on the main processes and their interaction with the ERP system but we have a partner network that are specialized in the industry norms of the business processes.

Please read the article: “ERP implementations – In search of the Unicorn” to understand the content and complexity of an upcoming ERP implementation. ERP implementations – In search of the Unicorn

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